Online Donation Audit


Want to convert more online donors?

Higher donor conversion rates translate into more revenue, which is why design, content, and strategy are so critical to success. Work one-on-one with John to convert more donors and create a better overall donor experience for your nonprofit.

Guaranteed to increase donor conversions!

Limited spots available. First-come, first-served.

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This consulting / coaching service includes:

  • • Real-time audit of your donor experience (VIDEO) – John tells you what you’re doing right, where you’re losing donors, and how you can do better. Includes email messaging audit.
  • • Online donation audit with recommendations (PDF) – A checklist of steps to increase donations and new donors for your specific nonprofit. Learn exactly how to improve your donation page content, donation page design, and new donor email messaging.
  • • 90-minute strategy session (via Gotomeeting) – Review your audit with John, and map out a plan for success. Includes meeting recording and mindmap.