Fundraising with Facebook and Instagram Ads

$50.00 for 3 months

In this premium training with author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies, John Haydon will show you how to use Facebook and Instagram Ads to more deeply engage your supporters, and raise more money.

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  • Includes: 90 days of access to class recordings, slides, and fundraising email workbook.
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This course will show you – step-by-step – how to raise more money with Facebook and Instagram ads:

  • Are Facebook and Instagram Ads really worth it?
  • How to create an ad campaign game plan
  • Important things to do BEFORE buying ads
  • Launching and manage your ad campaign
  • How to get in front of your best audiences
  • How to Boost page posts like a pro
  • How to write compelling ad copy
  • How to select and create compelling ad images
  • Advanced Facebook ad strategies for your next Facebook ad campaign
  • And more…

Also included in this training are 9 video tutorials:

  1. How to Create Your First Facebook Ad
  2. Facebook Ad Basics: What is Website Retargeting?
  3. How to Select Your Audience, Budget, and Ad Schedule
  4. How to Create a Custom Audience from a Donor List
  5. How to Create Custom Audiences of People Who Visit Your Website
  6. How to Use Lookalike Audiences to Reach People Who are Similar to Your Donors
  7. Getting Started with Facebook Ad Split Testing
  8. How to Navigate and Use Facebook Ad Manager to Manage and Edit Campaigns
  9. How to Use Facebook Ad Manager to Split Test Ads and Ad Sets