Online Fundraising Accelerator

Raise more money this year with the strategies and shortcuts the pros use! With fundraising and marketing experts John Haydon, Pamela Grow, and Julia Campbell.

Class One: Getting Your Website In Order For Year-End Fundraising
Teacher Expert: John Haydon

Learn creative strategies from the pros to capture more donations on your website. to reconfigure your website for more engagement, how to make your website optimized for mobile, and how to design donation pages that convert more donors.

You will learn how to:

  • Dramatically increase donor conversion rates with your existing donation pages
  • Drive more high-quality prospective donors directly to your donation pages
  • Increase your website ranking on Google without hiring a consultant
  • Dramatically increase word-of-mouth sharing from recent donors

Bonus items:

  • How to retarget potential donors with Facebook ads
  • Donation page optimization checklist

Class Two: Effective Email Fundraising Strategies that Work
Teacher Expert: Pamela Grow

How are you engaging donors and inspiring giving through your email communications? In this class, you will learn how to create an irresistible campaign theme, write compelling messages, and more.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop your campaign brief (and why it matters)
  • Drive your direct mail traffic online
  • Write irresistible subject lines that skyrocket your open rates

Bonus Items:

  • Foolproof Email Message Templates
  • Year-End Email Examples: dozens of winning examples of email asks
  • Goals Worksheet: Organize your online campaign, from start to finish

Class Three: Getting Your Email and Social Media Ready for Year-End
Teacher Expert: Julia Campbell

Learn the most effective ways to use social media platforms and email to drive online fundraising. Julia will show you, step-by-step, specific ways to identify, recruit, train, and motivate your very own nonprofit army of Social Media Ambassadors to spread the word about your campaign.

You will learn how to:

  • Unlock the power of storytelling in your email appeals and social media content
  • Craft your online fundraising appeals for specific social media channels
  • Collect the 6 types of stories you need to share in your email and social media
  • Coordinate, train, and motivate your very own team of Social Media Ambassadors

Bonus Items:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Creating Social Media graphics e-book
  • 6 Types of Stories You Should Tell on Social Media e-book
  • Social Media Ambassadors Job Description template
  • Social Media Ambassadors Online Tool Kit checklist

Class Four: Real Life Case Study

Aaron Fogelman of Brittany’s Hope will share, step by step, how he increases Brittany’s Hope’s online donations by 1,400% within one year!

Class Five: Feedback & Fine-Tuning
Teacher Experts: Julia Campbell, John Haydon & Pamela Grow

John, Julia, and Pamela review the online donation process for several nonprofits during this recorded feedback and fine tuning session. Learn from your peers!